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How to Fix Corrupt Outlook Archive PST File?

MS Outlook provide a wonderful feature of Archive PST file. This feature can be used to break the personal folder file into peices based on different categories and kept for future use. It releases the very important space of personal folder file which if grows bit larger then can get damaged. The data stored in the archive PST file is used in the same way as the main personal folder file. But this doesn't mean that the archive file cannot get damaged. This file can also face corruption leading to loss of data. If this file gets damaged then user will face different kinds of damage some of which are mentioned below:

Error Message 1: Invalid Xml, the file cannot be loaded.
Error Message 2: Cannot open Outlook window.
Error Message 3: Cannot start Outlook.
Error Message 4: The file path\archive.pst has reached its maximum size.


The concept of archive is used because there is limitation of size to which PST file can grow. Though the latest Outlook 2013 supports personal folder file of size 50 GB but such large file cannot be repaired through inbuilt repair utility ScanPST.exe. Inbox Repair Tool has the repairing size limit of 2 GB above which it fails to fix the damage. So user must keep the size limt of PST well below the prescribed limit. So what happens when the archive PST gets corrupted? When this file get damaged then all the older data becomes inaccessible. It can be your older emails, contacts, journals, tasks, notes, etc. User will have to repair it using inbuilt tool ScanPST.exe. ScanPST.exe comes along with Outlook and automatically installs at the time of MS Office installation. Follow the steps to fix the damage using inbuilt tool.

  • Open Inbox Repair Tool.
  • Select the damaged archive.pst.
  • Click on Start button.
  • Check on the backup option.
  • Browse the location for backup of archive.pst.
  • Click on Repair button.

Causes: Why Outlook Error 0x8004060C Occurs?

Now lets talk about the reasons behind this error message. In the first case, the error occurs due to Microsoft Exchange server. It can be due to incorrect configuration of server or it can also be due to host system configuration problem in which wrong email id, password or port number have been entered. In the second case, the error occurs due to incorrect email address or password provided by the user in the email account setup of the Outlook. One thing which must be noted down is that the email id and password which is asked in the account setup of Outlook is the id and password which is provided by the ISP to the user. In the third case, the problem occurs due to over-size of PST file.

The same file can also be repaired using third party automatic tool. Automatic tool can be used when Inbox Repair Tool fails to fix the damage of PST. It has certain limitations which makes it unusable in certain situations. So user can try out automatic tool in those conditions. It comes in both trial version and full version. Use the trial version and check out its usability. If you get satisfied then go for full version.