The Application makes it possible for users to have their lost, deleted, corrupt & inaccessible PST Files , Emails & more recovered & restored to safe location easily & efficiently. Supports recovery from Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 etc and run on all Windows systems - XP, Vista, Server 2003, Windows 7 and 8.


How to Resolve 80040900 Error in Scanpst.exe Inbox Repair Tool

Outlook personal folder files, often called as .PST file is meant to store local copies of emails, contacts, calendar, notes and more in a well organized and safe way. These data items though customized safely within personal storage at times faces corruption and thus suffer from inaccessibility issues. As it is said, unexpected situations do happen with all of us at some point of time and you may end up loosing important data thereupon. If this, outrightly happens to be the case with any of you, it is quite obvious to use Inbox Repair Tool in order to get the issues fixed as per the recommendation of Microsoft Outlook. However, in instances of the tool failing to resolve the issue that lies failing with scanpst.exe fatal error 80040900 or so, it is eventually important to try and use PST Repair Software.

80040900 Error in Scanpst.exe is one of the critical issue experienced by users when trying to repair damaged files and the process then abruptly stops with little or no information to the user. As such, the corruption existing in the file from before remains the way it was and this remains the case unless effective means is implemented to get rid of the issue, thereby making the files accessible and usable once again. The error that reads such in the very case is -

“Fatal Error: 80040900”


What causes fatal error while using scanpst.exe ?

Generally, it is seen that the inbuilt limitation arises issues in the use of default tool, as such it fails in the very endeavor of resolving corruption underlying in the file and restoring all data items back in usable form. Among the prominent causes are included the following -

  • Improperly installed Outlook Application
  • Severe virus infection
  • Incorrectly configured scanpst.exe or other flaws with the same, that eventually prevents it from working properly

How to Resolve 80040900 Scanpst.exe Issues ?

It is worth noting that most of the scanpst errors including the one discussed here relates with inability of the utility to fix damaged files, for reason say – oversized file. Here, since we have no particularly recommended method for cropping oversized files, since the inbuilt crop tool often called as the 2 GB truncation tool would delete data files exceeding the 2 GB limit. To avoid such inadvertent data loss situation from taking place and assuring the safety and reliability of items customized within personal folder store use of equipped alternative is suggested to users in all cases.

With the aid of advanced and equipped PST Repair Software such unexpected instances of file corruption, damage, inaccessibility and like could be avoided and you will have the all easy means to get damaged file items repaired and all its items recovered back safely and completely within moments. Most of the unwanted issues taking place with corrupt PST data files, including that of Scanpst.exe fatal error 80040900 could be fixed in this very way and users could thus have all their data files made properly working again thereforth.

Therefore, to get over error 80040900 in Scanpst.exe and alike, it is recommended to download and try the equipped tool now. Along with fixing damaged and unreadable file items, the missing, lost and hard deleted emails, notes, contacts and more could also be retrieved in this very way with the help of the software. Furthermore, the tool is made to work on all entire range of Windows systems – Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and others included and does support repair and recovery of PST files of MS Outlook 2013, 2010,2007 etc.