The Application makes it possible for users to have their lost, deleted, corrupt & inaccessible PST Files , Emails & more recovered & restored to safe location easily & efficiently. Supports recovery from Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 etc and run on all Windows systems - XP, Vista, Server 2003, Windows 7 and 8.


Complete Guide to Fix Scanpst.exe Stuck or Hangs on Phase 7 of 8 Repair Process

Finding scanpst.exe stuck on phase 7 ? It is quite possible to find that scanpst.exe hangs on phase 7 of the repair process and the process shows as 0% progress and may even get suddenly stopped. Instances as this is often reported in cases of acute corruption lying within the file being repaired and on experiencing such an unusual performance the file inaccessibility would remain the way it existed. This is an alarming issue concerning safety of the Outlook personal folder data files and if not sorted out at the right moment would make things tedious enough for the users to be handled. Very often scanpst.exe stops at phase 7 of 8 of the repairing process and in situations as such entire Outlook mailbox items would turn unreadable and so as to get things to work properly once again, it is all essential to get issues fixed and the file data made usable once again.

In all such instances when you find scanpst.exe hangs all of sudden, it is quite evident that the reported issue is such that it could not be repaired with the inbuilt Inbox Repair Tool, as the same is not capable enough of fixing the errors and issues that lies within. Have a look on the major issues with usage of scanpst -

1. The tool is not competent of resolving data part corruption and if the same is met with users accidentally, there are likely to loose data as all of those is deleted by the tool in the process it finds it unrepairable

2. PST File that is oversized somehow i.e. is greater than 2 GB in size, then it could not be repaired off so and demands skilled utility to be opted

3. In cases the utility is not just updated, it may fail to recognize and thus repair it

4. Abrupt shutdown of application or system or because Outlook is not properly initialized and configured

If any of these holds true in your case, it is quite probable that those corrupt files would continue to remain the way it was and this calls for the need to use equipped tool for PST Repair.


Outlook PST Repair Software as the name suggests is a specifically programmed utility to scan, fix and recover data from damaged personal storage table. This begins with thorough file analysis whereby the errors existing in the file is revealed to users first of all in the report that is generated, following which the repair task could all easily be performed. Here is a brief review on the software and how it does help in PST Repair.

Key Features of PST Repair Software – What makes it the most preferred choice to fix corrupt PST File

  • Efficiently repairs oversized PST file, along with repairing and resolving all sorts of corruption lying within
  • Selective folder data recovery, encrypted file recovery is also possible with the aid of the tool
  • Recovers emails, notes, contacts, calendar and all other data items customized with Outlook account
  • Restore file items in formats such as RTF, HTML etc with its original formatting untouched
  • Supports all Microsoft Outlook say – Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 etc
  • Compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 etc

So, if you have been confronting issues with proper performance of scanpst and finding scanpst.exe stops at step 7 & unable to get files fixed with its help, it is outrightly suggested to make use of the equipped PST Repair Tool for quick and complete repair and recovery of the items back.