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Fix Scanpst.exe olmapi32.dll Not Found Error - Olmapi32.dll is not compatible with Outlook

Getting scanpst.exe missing olmapi32.dll error after upgrading from Windows Vista to 7 ? Got stuck by scanpst olampi32 dll issues and unable to have access to data items stored within. Many a times, it is seen that Outlook would fail to function the way it normally should and would also render error messages in between. It would either get crashed abruptly time and again or would just stay non-responding, failing to open at all. Furthermore, users may also be suddenly stopped by messages that read as - “olmapi32.dll is not compatible with Outlook”. In cases as such, even if you try and open items of the personal storage folder or backup it, the task would fail and continued problem may hinder it from performing properly and could even render entire Outlook data inaccessible.

Scanpst.exe olmapi32.dll not Found and problems alike could hamper functioning of the application completely and the prime reason for the same happens to be non replacement of the very file post upgrade. Though installation of Outlook involves addition of the very file, but being not configured for the purpose it would fail to be recognized or would just fail to accomplish the task meant to be performed by it and thus errors are generated. In short, it could be understood as that here scanpst.exe tries and establish connection with previously used Vista when the system used here is that of Windows 7. As such to resolve these issues regarding file usage, it is all mandatory to go for below described methods of resolving the same -


  • Select 'Microsoft Office' from 'My Computer' → C drive – Program Files
  • From 'add or remove' program option of MS Office suite, click repair option. This will install a new version of the file that is designed to work on Windows 7

With this, issues you have been experiencing before could be fixed, however often it is seen that the file becomes damaged and is all difficult to be accessed properly. This is the time use of Inbox Repair Tool is suggested to the user. Yet this does not mark the end of your troubles, when you try executing scanpst.exe the process may all of a sudden get stopped by a message, that reads as -

“Scanpst.exe unable to locate component. The application has failed to start because olmapi32.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem”

This is when even the inbuilt tool to repair corrupt PST file fails and you continue to experience those issues each time you attempt to resolve the error or access data from personal folder. As such, it then becomes all essential to look for an alternative tool out there for the task of PST file repair and recovery. PST Repair Software is one such advanced means to handle cases of corruption and file damage in the manner most easy and efficient of all. So, if you have been confronting any such problem with use and accessibility of Outlook and getting scanpst.exe olmapi32.dll could not be loaded , not found or accessible like messages then it is outrightly suggested opting for this advanced PST Repair Software so as to get the files repaired and recovered efficiently and easily within minutes.

So, need not wait anymore download and try the efficient PST Repair Software for fixing scanpst olmapi32.dll errors easily and appropriately now quickly.